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Healthy, Restaurant Quality Ready Meals Supplier Based in the UK

Morrow Foods make fresh, wholesome foods which are free from additives and preservatives. What we do is ensure all our products and healthy ready meals, adhere to our mission statement that everybody has the right to eat pure unadulterated quality gastronomical foods, and that everything we produce from now to the end of time is great quality.

Our range of patés are all chicken liver based and are available both in a 500g tub for catering and delicatessen counters and a handy on-shelf tub of 113g. The chicken liver paté range available is, Plain Chicken Liver Paté, Chicken Liver Paté with Brandy, or with Garlic or with Peppercorns. We will soon be introducing Chicken Liver Paté with Smoked Bacon. Our 500g tub has a shelf life of 14 days and the 113g pre-packed tub has a shelf life of 21 days, both from the date we make it.

Our healthy, restaurant quality ready meals are Beef Stew with Irish Stout and our Irish Stew (which is made from a traditional recipe using lamb) are handcrafted using locally sourced meat and vegetables. Both varieties are available in 450g and packed in a case of 4 units. Both dishes can be microwaved in minutes and enjoyed immediately! The shelf life on our healthy ready meals is 18 days from the date we make it and are freezable.

Our famed restaurant quality Vegetable Broth with a Spud and Chicken Broth with a Spud ready meals are produced the same way as the stews in that they too are handcrafted using locally produced chicken meat, vegetables, potatoes and barley. Again these are available in 450g and packed in a case of 4 units, microwavable and freezable. The shelf life on our soups is 14 days from the date we make it.

Further Processing

At Morrow Foods we love to work with other like-minded businesses too. We work with our partners to make bespoke products developed mutually between us.

All our products and restaurant quality, healthy ready meals are made in purpose built food premises in Cookstown, County Tyrone, Northern Ireland

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